Thursday, February 18, 2010

What to look for when inspecting a HQ shell

Ok the information I will begin to expose is based of 30 plus years of experience and a desire to help people know the difference between a great car and a rubbish one.
I will only expose the details as they are. No distortions or generalization. All the information will be accompanied with photos and comments.
This information may upset some people. If you are one of them don't read it.

My goal is to maintain the integrity of the HQ Holden and show them how they were.

Not an interpretation of what a heap of so called gurus and part number jockeys say.
As for those who say HQ and other Holden's did not fit and were badly finished really don't know much.

My Question to all of the critics is: How many cars have you built?

I will be scrutinizing a standard HQ kingswood that I have aquired, that is stock.

© 2010 Scott Wilson

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